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DC Bombshells Wonder Woman & 1:24 Scale 1952 Chevy COE Pick-up Die-Cast Car by Jada Toys

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The Rumbling ride of the princess of Themiscyra, This  Chevy COE Pick-Up Die-Cast car is modeled to minor details and is painted in the red and blue of her DC Bombshells outfit and includes a Bombshell Wonder Woman figure, as she brings justice to the world.

Product Features

  • 1/24 Scale 1957 Chevy COE Pick-Up.
  • The car is approximately 8.2 inches (20.8cm) long
  • Made of 100 % die-cast metal.
  • Wonder Woman figure measures 2.75-inches tall
  • Car features opening doors, hood, and trunk
  • Detailed interior

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