DC Blue Beetle Movie Blue Beetle 12-Inch Resin Statue by McFarlane Toys

Release Date: February 2024


Unleash the awe-inspiring might of the symbiotic Scarab with the stunning DC Blue Beetle Movie 12-Inch Resin Statue, showcasing the enigmatic hero Jaime Reyes in his biotechnological, azure alien suit. Crafted to perfection, this statue is a tribute to the remarkable journey of a new generation superhero and his inexorable connection to an ancient alien legacy.


Feature Description
Dynamic Sculpting The statue boasts a dynamic and intricate sculpt of Jaime Reyes donning his extraterrestrial exoskeleton, perfectly capturing the essence of his power and the enigmatic nature of his symbiotic partnership.
Resin Construction Crafted from premium resin materials, the statue ensures a sturdy and detailed representation, allowing every nuance of Reyes' iconic suit to come to life in vivid detail.
Impressive Height Standing tall at over 12 inches, the statue commands attention and provides a striking presence, making it a standout piece in any collection or display.
Emblematic Display Base Resting atop a meticulously designed Blue Beetle logo display base, the statue exudes an air of authority while paying homage to the hero's iconic emblem.
Mid-Flight Pose Jaime Reyes is captured in a mid-flight pose, surrounded by his scarab-like energy construct, conveying a sense of action and power frozen in time.


Specification Description
Height Over 12 inches
Material Premium Resin
Film Blue Beetle (2023)
Character Jaime Reyes / Blue Beetle
Packaging Closed Box
Age Recommendation 14 and up

Step into the enthralling world of Jaime Reyes as he embraces his destiny and transforms into the captivating Blue Beetle. A symbol of courage and determination, this statue pays homage to a hero who rises above adversity to safeguard his home and family. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of the DC cinematic universe's excitement. Order the DC Blue Beetle Movie 12-Inch Resin Statue today and let the legacy of the scarab shine on!

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