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    DC Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Movie 12-Inch Scale Resin Statue by McFarlane Toys

    Release Date: June 2024

    Inspired by Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, this Aquaman 2 Resin Statue is a must-have for collectors and fans. Standing at an impressive height of approximately 18 1/2 inches, it captures every intricate detail of the King of Atlantis in stunning fashion. Crafted from high-quality resin, this statue showcases Aquaman with his iconic trident, riding a majestic wave, and proudly displays the Aquaman 2 logo on the base.

    Half-human, half-Atlantean, Arthur Curry, better known as Aquaman, is a founding member of the Justice League and the guardian of Earth's vast oceans. His Atlantean physiology grants him the remarkable ability to breathe underwater, navigate the depths at incredible speeds, and wield super-strength to defend against the forces of evil. His royal lineage also bestows upon him the unique power to telepathically communicate with marine life, making him an indispensable protector of both land and sea.

    With this Aquaman 2 Resin Statue, you can bring the awe-inspiring world of Aquaman to your collection, capturing the heroic essence of this iconic character. Add a touch of aquatic royalty to your display and commemorate the legacy of the King of Atlantis.


    Specification Details
    Inspired by Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
    Height Approximately 18 1/2 inches
    Material High-quality resin
    Detail Exceptionally detailed
    Features Aquaman with trident
    Base Aquaman 2 logo


    Don't miss your chance to own this collectible masterpiece. Order the DC Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Movie Aquaman 12-Inch Scale Resin Statue today and immerse yourself in the epic world of Aquaman!

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