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    Daredevil Statue by PCS Collectibles

    Release Date: July 2025

    Introducing the Daredevil Statue, a captivating masterpiece brought to you by Premium Collectibles Studio in collaboration with Superhero Toystore. Inspired by Daredevil's dynamic portrayal in the popular mobile game Marvel's Contest of Champions, this stunning statue effortlessly captures the essence of the Man Without Fear.

    Standing majestically at an impressive height of over 38 inches, Daredevil bursts through a stained glass window in a legendary pose, showcasing his unparalleled agility and athleticism. With knees tucked and arms spread wide, he holds a piece of his signature two-part billy club in each hand, the preferred tool for navigating the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen. Every meticulous detail of Ol’ Hornhead's costume, from the intricacies of his red suit to the texture of his belt, has been expertly recreated.

    Marvel enthusiasts and collectors alike will appreciate the monumental dimensions of this epic statue, measuring 38" H x 22" W x 18" L. Whether adorning your home or office, this Daredevil statue adds a touch of marvel to any space. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of the Marvel Gamerverse – the Daredevil 1:3 Scale Epic Series Statue is a must-have addition to your collection.

    Secure yours today from Superhero Toystore, where epic meets extraordinary.