Creative Color Fun by LEGO

Release Date: November 2023

If you're in search of a playset teeming with imaginative possibilities, LEGO® Classic Creative Color Fun (11032) offers an abundance of artistic and crafty inspiration for children aged 5 and older.

Unleashing creativity with bricks
Containing 1,500 LEGO bricks in a vibrant array of colours, this open-ended building kit offers exceptional creative potential and serves as a wellspring of artistic motivation. Clear visual instructions guide children in constructing enjoyable models such as an octopus, a rocket, and a shoe. They are then encouraged to modify their creations using different hues and entertaining accessories, including wheels and various types of eyes. With an extensive assortment of pieces in various colours, children naturally begin to explore their own imaginative concepts. For additional digital enjoyment, young builders can delve deeper, manipulate 3D model rotations, and monitor their progress through the user-friendly LEGO Builder app.

Family-friendly amusement
LEGO Classic 5+ sets deliver ideas and inspiration directly into the hands of children, creating a perfect opportunity for adults to partake in building adventures and developmental milestones with their youngsters.

Feature Description
Age Range Kids aged 5+
Assortment of Bricks 1,500 brightly coloured bricks sorted into individual bags by colour
Accessories and Model Suggestions Included to kick-start creative play
Inspiration Simple printed guides for building an octopus, a rocket, a shoe, and more, along with endless free-building possibilities
Ideal Gift Suitable for birthdays, holidays, or any-day treats for kids aged 5 and up with an interest in arts and crafts
Building Instructions Intuitive LEGO® Builder app available for an immersive building experience, including 3D model manipulation and progress tracking
Skill Development LEGO® Classic sets promote open-ended play and encourage creative self-expression
Quality Assurance LEGO® components meet stringent industry quality standards, ensuring consistency, compatibility, and ease of building
Safety Assurance LEGO® bricks and pieces undergo rigorous testing, including drop, heat, crush, twist, and analysis to meet global safety standards
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