Classic Loki Variant Loki BDS Art Scale 1/10 by Iron Studios

Release Date: April 2023

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During the events that occurred in the film Avengers: Endgame (2019), Loki escaped with the tesseract in the famous New York time heist scene. Its aftermath became a television series integrated into the Marvel Cinematographic Universe (MCU) and produced by Marvel Studios. Iron Studios is bringing you the first of its statues based on the Marvel web series.

As the Asgardian sorcerer master, his magic deeds are seen by others as nearly impossible, and at the pinnacle of his abilities, with pure mystic energy hatching from the palms of his hands, the experienced God of Mischief's figure, dressed in a green and yellow leotard suit, yellow cape, and golden helmet with horns, uses his power to the fullest on a pedestal of the Void's plains terrain, creating an illusion as he wears a bold smile on their face. Iron Studios presents the "Classic Loki Variant BDS – Loki – Art Scale 1/10" statue, inspired by Thor's fearless adoptive brother's classic look in the comics, with an audacious smile on their face.

This 8.2 inches tall Classic Loki statue is an exact 1/10 replica is characterized by his looks derivative from his original version in the comics, the statue Classic Loki is inspired by his “Glorious purpose” presented in the episode “Journey into Mystery”, the fifth and penultimate episode of the series’ first season. He is highly detailed and hand-painted and made in polystone.

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