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    Cable Guys Mortal Kombat Sub-zero Gaming Accessories & Phone Holder

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    Release Date: March 2024


    Introducing the Ultimate Controller and Phone Holder – A Must-Have for Gaming Enthusiasts!

    Elevate your gaming experience with our versatile Controller Holder and Phone Stand. Whether you're a die-hard Mortal Kombat fan or just a gaming enthusiast, this officially licensed Warner Brothers merchandise is a game-changer.

    Versatile Design: Our Controller Holder is your go-to solution for keeping your Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch gaming controller, or TV remote in place. From classic controllers to the next-gen PS5 DualSense, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S, we've got you covered.

    Phone Stand Functionality: Designed with gamers in mind, this holder isn't just for your controllers. It also doubles as a convenient phone stand for most mobile phones. Now you can keep your devices within easy reach, even while charging your controllers.

    Step into the realm of Mortal Kombat as Sub Zero, the grandmaster of the Lin Kuei assassin clan, takes his place in our renowned 8" tall Cable Guys range.

    Proudly brought to you by Superhero Toystore, India's largest and most comprehensive online store for official Marvel Action Figures, Statues, and other Pop-culture merch!

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