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    T-Rex Attack Icons Statue By Iron Studios

    Release Date: July 2025

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    Unleash the Chaos! Own a Piece of Movie History with Iron Studios' T-Rex Attack MiniCo Statue

    Calling all dinosaur enthusiasts and Jurassic Park fanatics! Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Jurassic Park with Iron Studios' brand new T-Rex Attack MiniCo Statue. This meticulously crafted collectible isn't just any dinosaur statue - it's a miniature masterpiece that captures the heart-stopping scene where the mighty T-Rex escapes its enclosure and unleashes its fury, crushing the overturned Ford Explorer in its path.

    Every detail, from the ferocious roar of the T-Rex to the crumpled wreckage of the vehicle, is recreated with stunning precision. This compact statue, standing approximately 5.7 inches tall, packs a mighty punch in the detail department. It's the perfect size for display on a desk, shelf, or anywhere you want to celebrate the enduring legacy of Jurassic Park and reignite your love for these prehistoric giants.

    Here's why this T-Rex MiniCo Statue should be a part of your collection:

    • Movie-Accurate Detail: Transport yourself back to Isla Nublar's chaos with the statue's meticulous recreation of the iconic scene.
    • Collectible Quality: Crafted by Iron Studios, a renowned name in collectible statues, this T-Rex is sure to become a prized possession.
    • Compact Size, Big Impact: This conveniently sized statue is perfect for display in any space, adding a touch of prehistoric power to your collection.

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of movie history! Pre-order your Jurassic Park T-Rex Attack MiniCo Statue today and unleash the chaos in your collection!

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