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    Street Fighter 6 Cammy Ultimate Bonus Version Statue By Prime 1 Studios

    Release Date: April 2026


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    Unleash the indomitable spirit of Cammy White in her all-new look from Street Fighter 6!

    Prime 1 Studio proudly presents the long-awaited Cammy Ultimate Bonus Version, a breathtaking statue that captures the iconic fighter in stunning detail.

    A New Era, A New Look:

    Gone is the classic leotard. This Cammy statue features her brand-new civilian outfit, meticulously crafted to showcase every aspect. A bright cropped blue jacket proudly displays the Union Jack, paired with a midriff-baring crop top and tight workout leggings. Crimson gloves hint at her ever-present combat readiness. Prime 1 Studio's renowned sculptors and painters have meticulously recreated every texture and detail, ensuring a museum-quality collectible.

    The Ultimate Cammy Experience:

    The Ultimate Version elevates this statue to new heights. Included is a completely swappable bust featuring Cammy with crossed arms, ready to unleash her fury. This bust comes with its own dedicated stand, while a separate stand displays a dynamic special effects wall that can be positioned behind the main statue for an even more dramatic presentation. The base itself features a variant of the iconic "6" logo, a subtle nod to the latest Street Fighter installment.

    Bonus for True Fans:

    Pre-order the Ultimate Bonus Version from our official store or authorized distributors and receive a cool logo stand featuring graffiti art of Cammy's name. This exclusive bonus adds a personal touch to your collection.

    A Must-Have for Street Fighter Enthusiasts:

    This magnificent Cammy statue is a true centerpiece, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of this legendary fighter.


    • Statue Size: Approximately 21.6 inches tall (H:55cm W:38cm D:32cm)
    • Effect Wall Size: Approximately 24.1 inches tall (H:62cm W:49cm D:12cm)
    • Street Fighter 6 Themed Base
    • Two (2) Swappable Busts (Normal & Folding Arms)
    • One (1) Bust Stand
    • One (1) Effect Wall
    • LED Light-Up Function on Base
    • One (1) Cammy Graffiti Logo Stand (BONUS PART)

    Don't miss this opportunity to add a piece of Street Fighter history to your collection! Pre-order the PMSF6-01UTS Cammy Ultimate Bonus Version today!

    For Ages 18+

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    Made in China