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    Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts (Film) Optimus Primal Ultimate Bonus Version Statue By Prime1 Studios

    Release Date: April 2026


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    Immerse yourself in the world of Transformers with this breathtaking masterpiece by Prime 1 Studio!

    This stunning statue depicts Optimus Primal, the courageous leader of the Maximals from the latest Transformers film, Rise of the Beasts. Standing an impressive 35 inches tall, the statue captures Optimus Primal in his battle-ready form, wielding dual bladed weapons and positioned atop intricately detailed ruins inspired by the film's setting.

    Unmatched Craftsmanship and Detail:

    • Prime 1 Studio artisans have meticulously recreated Optimus Primal's armor and fur textures, with vibrant, movie-accurate colors.
    • LED illumination brings the statue to life, featuring glowing eyes in Optimus Primal's robot and beast modes, as well as in Scorponok's severed head lying at his feet, and the iconic Transformer logo on the base.

    The Ultimate Version:

    • Elevate your collection with a swappable base featuring Optimus Primal's magnificent beast mode. This base depicts him standing triumphantly atop a lifeless Scorponok, surrounded by lush jungle vegetation.
    • Expanded storytelling options are provided with two swappable head parts for both robot and beast modes, all featuring illuminated eyes and mouths.

    The Exclusive Bonus Version:

    Available only through the official Prime 1 Studio store or authorized distributors, the Bonus Version includes:

    • An additional open right-hand part for dynamic posing possibilities.
    • A double-ended long sword for the left hand, further enhancing Optimus Primal's weaponry.

    A Must-Have for Transformers Fans:

    This Optimus Primal statue is an unparalleled addition to any Transformers collection. Pre-order yours today and bring the heroics of the Maximals' leader into your home!


    • Statue Size (Robot Mode): Approximately 35 inches tall (H:90cm W:61cm D:51cm)
    • Statue Size (Robot Mode with Long Sword): Approximately 38 inches tall (H:96cm W:61cm D:66cm)
    • Includes:
      • Two Swappable Robot Mode Head Parts (Mask and Unmask)
      • Two Swappable Beast Mode Head Parts (Normal and Shouting)
      • LED Illumination Features (Eyes, Mouth, Base)
      • One Swappable Bonus Right Hand Part (BONUS PART)
      • One Swappable Bonus Left Hand Weapon (Double-Ended Long Sword) (BONUS PART)

    This collector's item is a perfect gift for Transformers fans and a fantastic display piece for your home or office.

    For Age 18+

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    Made in China