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    Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Red Ranger Gallery Statue By Diamond Gallery

    Release Date: October 2025


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    This approximately 11-inch tall sculpture captures the Red Ranger mid-leap, bursting through a geyser of translucent red energy. He's fully prepared for battle, wielding his iconic Blade Blaster and Power Sword.

    The statue features meticulous sculpting and paint applications, faithfully recreating the Red Ranger's suit and the electrifying energy effect.

    Here's a closer look:

    • Dynamic pose: The Red Ranger leaps through a translucent red energy geyser, conveying a sense of action and power.
    • Detailed sculpting: The statue captures the intricate details of the Red Ranger's suit, from the helmet's design to the texture of the armor.
    • Accurate paint applications: The paint job meticulously replicates the Red Ranger's iconic colors and markings.
    • Translucent energy effect: The translucent red energy adds a touch of dynamism and visual interest to the statue.
    • Impressive size: Standing at approximately 11 inches tall, this statue makes a commanding presence in any collection.

    This Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Red Ranger Gallery Statue is a must-have for any fan. It's a perfect addition to a home or office décor, bringing a touch of nostalgia and heroism to your space.

    The statue comes packaged in a full-colour window box, making it ideal for gifting to fellow Power Rangers fans.


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    Made in China