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    Mace Windu Premium Format statue by Sideshow Collectibles

    Release Date: July 2025


    Channel the Unwavering Resolve of Mace Windu with This Premium Statue

    Embrace the unwavering resolve of Jedi Master Mace Windu with this meticulously crafted, officially licensed Star Wars collectible. Standing over 2 feet tall, this stunning figure captures the essence of Windu's unwavering dedication to the light side.

    Witness the intricate details:

    • Dynamic Pose: Windu confidently faces down the darkness, his iconic purple lightsaber ignited and held in a ready stance, channeling the power of the Force.
    • Exquisite Sculpting: Polystone construction and meticulously tailored fabric robes bring Windu to life with stunning realism. Every crease and fold of his Jedi attire is meticulously captured, showcasing the intricate details of his iconic look.
    • Light-up Lightsaber: Ignite the Force within your display with the figure's light-up lightsaber, recreating iconic moments from the Star Wars saga. The vibrant purple blade adds an electrifying element to the display, bringing Windu's power and determination to life.
    • Layered Costume: The figure features a multi-layered costume, including an under tunic, an over tunic, and a flowing dark brown Jedi robe. Intricate cut-and-sew elements add dimension and texture to the fabric, further enhancing the realism and cinematic drama of the piece.

    More than just a collectible, this is a statement piece. Own a piece of Star Wars history and bring the unwavering power of Mace Windu into your home. This exquisite statue is sure to be a conversation starter and a cherished addition to any Star Wars fan's collection.


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