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    Batman Family Diorama 1/6 Scale Statue (Xm Exclusive) Statue By Xm Studios

    Release Date: April 2026


    A Limited Edition Masterpiece

    XM Studios proudly unveils the next installment in their acclaimed Batman Samurai Line - the Batman Family Diorama in a stunning figure. This meticulously crafted diorama is a product of a creative collaboration between Warner Bros. Discovery Consumer Products and XM Studios, showcasing the iconic Batman universe in a captivating new setting.

    Exquisite Details and Storytelling

    Each statue within the diorama is painstakingly handcrafted and expertly hand-painted, reflecting XM's renowned quality standards. The XM creative team has meticulously captured the essence of the Batman Family, transporting them to a world far away amidst the ruins of a shattered temple. Here, they stand united, poised for battle against formidable adversaries.

    Batman: Leader of the Charge

    At the heart of the diorama stands Batman himself, radiating a commanding presence. Collectors can choose from two distinct portrayals:

    • Samurai Armor: A dynamic pose depicts Batman drawing his katana, ready to face the impending conflict.
    • Shogun Armor: A seasoned leader, Batman sits calmly in Shogun armor, exuding control and unwavering resolve.

    Unveiling the Characters

    The diorama features all seven members of the Batman Family, each meticulously detailed and capturing the essence of their unique personalities. To enhance customization, XM Studios offers interchangeable heads for all characters, allowing collectors to choose between:

    • Modern Look: A familiar depiction of each hero.
    • Japanese-Inspired Look: A unique portrayal that seamlessly blends with the diorama's setting.

    Two Batmans, Four Heads, and More

    With two separate body sculpts for Batman, collectors receive a total of four head sculpts to personalize their display. Additionally, a dedicated base is included to showcase the alternative Batman body sculpt.

    A Collector's Dream

    This diorama is a must-have for any dedicated Batman Samurai collector. It not only completes the existing series but also serves as a breathtaking centerpiece. Furthermore, XM Studios teases the possibility of a future diorama featuring Batman's Rogues Gallery, hinting at an epic clash to come.

    The Perfect Addition to Your Collection

    This intricately detailed Batman Family Samurai Diorama is a true collector's masterpiece. Each figure is meticulously crafted and hand-painted, ensuring a stunning and high-quality display piece for any home or office.


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