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  • Garfield Not Always Sarcastic T Shirt


    Master the Art of the Side-Eye with This Garfield "Not Always Sarcastic" Tee!

    Calling all Garfield fans and masters of the subtle shade! This officially licensed Garfield t-shirt lets the world know exactly how you feel (or rather, how little you feel like feeling).

    The Design:

    • Garfield, the king of sarcasm and napping, chills beneath the text "Not Always Sarcastic, Sometimes I'm Sleeping."
    • It's a hilarious and relatable image for anyone who uses a good side-eye or a well-timed nap to express their true feelings.

    Made for Garfield Fans & Masters of Subtlety:

    • This tee is the purrfect way to show your love for Garfield's signature dry wit and your own talent for expressing yourself without saying a word.
    • Anyone who appreciates a good dose of sarcasm or the power of a well-timed nap will appreciate this design.

    Ideal for Casual Outings (But Maybe Not Errands):

    • Made from comfortable, high-quality material.
    • Classic fit that flatters a variety of body types.
    • Wear it to family gatherings with a sense of humor, low-key outings with friends who get it, or just to announce your sarcastic nature (and love of napping) at any party.

    This shirt is more than clothing, it's a statement. It lets the world know you're a Garfield fan, a master of the side-eye, and maybe just a little bit sleepy.

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