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    Lord of the Rings Gollum Art Mask Life-Size Bust Statue by Pure Arts

    Release Date: October 2025

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    Own a Piece of Middle-earth with This Hauntingly Realistic Gollum Statue

    Calling all Lord of the Rings devotees! Breathe life into your fandom with PureArts's incredible 1:1 scale Gollum statue. This meticulously crafted piece captures Gollum in chilling detail, from his translucent, silicone skin and piercing glass eyes to his individually rooted synthetic hair.

    The statue depicts Gollum perched atop the steps of Cirith Ungol, forever etched in fans' minds as the turning point in Frodo's quest. The One Ring, his obsession, rests at his feet, its inscription glowing with an eerie light.

    Limited Edition Masterpiece:

    Only 2,500 of these statues exist, making it a true collector's item. Measuring nearly 19 inches tall, this Gollum statue is sure to be a centerpiece in any home or office.

    More Than Just a Statue:

    This isn't just a statue; it's a portal to Middle-earth. Relive the epic journey and Gollum's internal struggle with every glance. It's a conversation starter for fellow fans and a hauntingly beautiful tribute to Tolkien's world.

    The Perfect Gift for the Discerning Fan:

    Surprise the Lord of the Rings fanatic in your life with this unforgettable gift. This Gollum statue is a treasure they'll hold dear for years to come.

    For Ages 14+

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    Made in China