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    Bi-Plane - DIY Mechanical Model (Prime Series)

    Is your child fascinated by aeroplanes? Do they love a challenge and a hands-on project? The Funvention Bi-Plane - DIY Mechanical Model (Prime Series) is the perfect way to ignite their creativity and explore the wonders of engineering!

    This exciting kit allows your child to construct their very own working biplane model, made from high-quality, sustainable plywood. No glue is required thanks to the clever snap-lock assembly system, making building a breeze.

    Here's what makes the Funvention Bi-Plane soar above the rest:

    • Rubber Band Powered Fun: The biplane features a simple yet effective rubber band pull-back mechanism. The tighter you pull back, the farther your biplane will fly!
    • Moving Parts & Gears: Watch those classic biplane propellers spin to life as your child moves the wheels! A clever gear system connects the wheels to the propellers, creating a realistic and engaging experience.
    • STEM Learning in Action: This model isn't just fun, it's educational! Building the biplane introduces young minds to concepts of mechanics, engineering, and physics in a captivating way.
    • A Timeless Treasure: The finished biplane is a beautiful display piece, showcasing the elegance of classic aircraft design.

    The Funvention Bi-Plane - DIY Mechanical Model (Prime Series) is perfect for:

    • Curious kids aged 8 and up
    • Anyone who loves a rewarding challenge
    • Families looking for a fun and educational activity together

    Order yours today and let the adventure begin!


    Made In India

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