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    Figuarts Zero Touche Métallique Sagittarius Seiya By Tamashii Nations

    Release Date: April 2025

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    Saint Seiya Gets a Metallic Makeover with Sagittarius Seiya Figuarts Zero Touche Métallique!

    Calling all Saint Seiya fans! Superhero Toy Store is proud to announce the arrival of Tamashii Nations is proud Sagittarius Seiya in their Figuarts Zero Touche Métallique line!

    This dynamic figure captures Seiya in a powerful pose, ready to unleash his arrow. The figure boasts a unique combination of sculpting and metallic plating, bringing the Saint Cloth's movement to life.

    Here's a breakdown of the figure's features:

    • Dynamic Pose: Seiya stands poised to fire his arrow, conveying a sense of urgency and power.
    • Metallic Accents: The headgear, wings, waist parts, bow, and arrow feature a metallic finish, adding a touch of luxury and realism.
    • Clear Base: The included base is made of clear material, allowing the focus to remain on Seiya and his fiery spirit.
    • Temple Ruins: The base is modeled after crumbling temple ruins, further immersing the figure in the world of Saint Seiya.
    • Impressive Size: Standing approximately 250mm tall, this figure is sure to make a statement in any collection.

    This figure is a fantastic gift for Saint Seiya enthusiasts and a stunning addition to any home or office decor.

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