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    Batman vs The Joker: Eternal Enemies Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

    Release Date: May 2025



    Sideshow throws down the gauntlet with the Batman vs Joker: Eternal Enemies Premium Format Figure! This ain't your average statue, it's a breathtaking display of the ultimate DC rivalry, captured in a heart-stopping 32-inch tall brawl!

    Gotham's about to get even more chaotic! Batman plummets through a crumbling building, cape ablaze, fists bloody and ready to deliver a bone-crunching punch. Meanwhile, the Joker, ever the maniac, cackles with glee, a fish in one hand and a trigger in the other. This is a battle for the ages, a freefall fueled by decades of bad blood.

    The warzone unfolds before your eyes! This meticulously detailed statue features both Batman and Joker, fully sculpted and ready for action. The shattered environment – complete with razor-sharp Batarangs, twisted playing cards, and Joker gas – tells the story of their ongoing conflict. It's a scene ripped from the pages of your favorite comic book!

    Two sides of the same coin, forever at odds! This isn't just a statue, it's a monument to the duality of Gotham. And as a special bonus, the Joker comes with two right-hand weapon options – the iconic fish or a pastel-colored pop gun. The choice is yours!

    The ultimate gift for the ultimate fan! Bring home the Batman vs Joker: Eternal Enemies Premium Format Figure today and let the epic battle rage on in your collection. Just be sure to warn your neighbors – the laughter and the brooding might get a little intense!


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