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    Bruce Lee Tribute 50th Anniversary Superb Scale 1:4 Statue by Blitzway

    Release Date: September 2024

    Celebrate the indelible legacy of a true martial arts icon with the Bruce Lee Tribute 50th Anniversary Superb Scale 1:4 Statue. As a testament to Bruce Lee's enduring influence, this captivating 21.5-inch statue immortalizes his remarkable presence and martial prowess. Based on his iconic appearance in Game of Death, this statue encapsulates the essence of Bruce Lee's martial arts mastery.

    Product Features:

    Feature Description
    Bruce Lee Tribute 50th Anniversary Statue Pay homage to Bruce Lee's legacy with this 1:4 scale statue, commemorating 50 years of influence.
    Iconic Game of Death Look Captures Bruce Lee's unforgettable Game of Death appearance, showcasing his martial arts prowess.
    Sophisticated Yellow Outfit The statue elegantly features Bruce Lee in his signature yellow jumpsuit, an iconic representation.
    Meticulously Crafted Accessories Nunchucks, rod, bracelet, and diorama flags included to enhance the authenticity of the portrayal.
    Ornate Wooden Architecture Themed Base The intricate base adorned with a dragon complements the statue's aesthetic and martial arts spirit.
    Powerful Pose and Expressive Facial Features Dynamic poses and lifelike facial expressions capture Bruce Lee's distinctive martial arts style.
    Durable Materials Constructed from plastic, resin, and other high-quality materials, ensuring lasting beauty and quality.
    "Do not pray for an easy life..." Quote Featuring the poignant quote that reflects Bruce Lee's resilient spirit and unwavering determination.


    Honor the enduring spirit of Bruce Lee and his unparalleled contributions to martial arts and cinema with the Bruce Lee Tribute 50th Anniversary Superb Scale 1:4 Statue. This statue is not merely a collectible; it's a testament to the lasting impact of a legend who continues to inspire and influence across generations.

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    FOR AGES 14+