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Brick Rides Green Brick And Motor (104/250) 1:64 Scale Die-Cast Car By Hot Wheels

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The Brick Rides Green Brick And Motor (104/250) is a 1:64 scale die-cast car by Hot Wheels. It is part of the Brick Rides collection, which features vehicles inspired by brick-built constructions. The Brick And Motor model is designed to resemble a vehicle made out of colorful building blocks. This particular version comes in a vibrant green color and features brick-like textures and patterns on its body. It has a unique and playful design, with brick-shaped wheels and a blocky body structure. The attention to detail and the incorporation of the brick theme make this die-cast car a fun addition to any Hot Wheels collection. Whether you're a fan of building blocks or simply appreciate unique and creative vehicle designs, the Brick Rides Green Brick And Motor is sure to stand out on your display shelf or during playtime.

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