Black Widow Movie: Winter Soldier Marvel Legends Figure by Hasbro

James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes was captured by HYDRA after his conscription into the 107th Infantry Regiment, where Arnim Zola experimented on him, ultimately giving him superhuman abilities and brainwashing him into becoming their operative, now known as the Winter Soldier.

Superhero Toystore & Hasbro presents this highly dangerous Supervillain, Winter Soldier as a Marvel Legends action figure. The figure depicts Barnes just as he appeared in Marvel Comics' super-hit movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, donning his well-detailed combat suit and cybernetic arm. Included with the figure is his deadly rifle and hand pistol, in which he's highly trained in operating, as well as a Build-A-Figure headpiece of Crimson Dynamo. This menacing soldier is highly articulated, perfect for posing in endless configurations or for recreating your favourite scenes from the action-packed Marvel film.

Add this deadly HYDRA operative to your collection of Marvel action figures today!

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