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    Beauty and the Beast Master Craft Statue by Beast Kingdom

    Release Date: April 2025


    Step into the enchanting world of 'Beauty and the Beast' with Beast Kingdom's newest addition to their 'Entertainment Experience Brand': the breathtakingly detailed Master Craft statues of Belle and the Beast. 

    The Beast statue, a majestic representation of the cursed prince, stands adorned in a classic tailcoat, meticulously designed to complement Belle's iconic gown. Every intricate detail, from the patterns on the collar to the meticulously hand-painted facial expressions, brings the Beast's imposing yet tender nature to life.

    With only 3000 sets available worldwide, this limited edition release is a true testament to the devotion of fans to this classic animation. The statue beautifully captures the depth of the Beast's affection for Belle, symbolized by the delicate white roses in his hands and on the base—a poignant reminder of their blossoming love against all odds.

    Whether adorning a collectibles room or adding a touch of enchantment to office spaces, these statues serve as more than mere décor—they're a testament to the enduring power of love and storytelling. Ensure you secure yours from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today and be among the fortunate few to own this exquisite piece of cinematic history.

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