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    Beast Man Masters of the Universe BDS Art Scale 1/10 Statue by Iron Studios

    Release Date: October 2023


    Masters of the Universe was a successful line of action figures, released in the 80s which turned into a universe of television series, films, and more becoming a staple in the life of every 80s and 90s kid and achieving an immortal place in Pop-culture history.

    The animalistic henchman of the infamous sorcerer lord of the Snake Mountain manipulates the most fearsome and dangerous creatures from his planet against his opponents with the crack of his long whip, caused by air displacement capable of breaking the sound barrier. The wild mercenary with orange skin and fur, wearing a red breastplate with an armguard, growls, exposing his fangs like a predator ready for attack, over the base of a natural rock elevation covered by mosses and roots. As a result of the addition of forces to Eternia's evil warriors in their MOTU line,

    Iron Studios presents the "Beast Man BDS - Masters of the Universe -Art Scale 1/10" statue, which features Skeletor's ferocious right-hand man presented as this 9" hand-crafted and hand-painted statue. Man-E-Faces has been handpainted and handcrafted in polystone making him an absolute challenge collection's He-Man and team Eternia.

    Proudly brought to you by Superhero Toystore, India's largest and most comprehensive Iron Studios and online store for official Masters of the Universe collectible statues, action figures, and other merchandise!

    For Ages 15+

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