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    Batman Triumphant (Concept Design By Jason Fabok) Bonus Version Statue by Prime 1 Studio

    Release Date: March 2024


    This Bat is only for the winners!

    Prime 1 Studio is enjoying bringing Jason Fabok's latest Batman statue to life. They've given it as many real-world textures and accurate detailing as they could. At 43.7 inches tall, Batman stands atop a gothic tower, overlooking his beloved Gotham City. He's prepared to pounce on bad guys who are unaware of the world of anguish that Batman is going to introduce them to.

    In this statue, Batman's stance is athletic and taut. His muscles are well-defined, and his intent is unmistakable. Collectors are treated to a plethora of textures and details that Prime 1 Studio has thought necessary to include in this statue: the leather-like texture of his cowl, the pores on his face amongst his intense scowl. His costume features piping, wrinkles, and colouring to accentuate the fantastic character of Batman's classic uniform. Batman's base is a mix of authentic architectural elements fit for this environment...concrete, rebar, metal piping, and snow all join together to transport you to Gotham. Look closely for several fun Bat-themed easter eggs.

    And look at that posable leather cape! Posture it as your heart wishes to achieve the most dramatic, dynamic action pose possible. And with this statue, you will receive a Bonus Part: an extra, swappable right hand holding a Batarang!

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