Batman The Dark Knight - The Joker Life Size Bust by Infinity Studio

Release Date: March 2023

Superhero Toystore is proud to introduce another addition to our growing roster of collectibles, Infinity Studios. A brand determined to give you true to life collectibles at a life-size scale. Their statues and busts are hot commodities amongst collectors worldwide and are absolute limited editions, blink and you might miss one.

In The Dark Knight in 2008, Heath Ledger performed as a maniacal, unpredictable yet charming Joker with his extraordinary acting which led him to a posthumous Oscar win, and this Joker is beloved by countless audiences to date. His legend will never fade and now Infinity Studio is honoured to bring this supervillain to real life in the Silicone bust series!
By using the actual movie references, Infinity Studio has achieved the highest level of accuracy that has never been, even the material of Joker’s outfit is the same as the original movie. The materials used are premium grade Fabric, Fiber, Polystone, Medical platinum silicone to give it life like details.

An LED unit is planted in the base of this 32 inches tall life-size bust, which makes the opening look like a Batman signal or a bloody Joker smile. The accessories including his knife and “Joker mask” are all included with the bust, both could be set in his left hand. Every element of this bust is haunted by uncertainties and chaos.


  • Orange.Z (Design)
  • Kent Zhang (Design)
  • Micheal Mao (Sculpt)

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