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Batman The Attack of The Talons Set by Lego

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Talons are here to take down your favorite Dark Knight. Get ready to help Batman and battle with the evil assassins with this Lego set featuring Batman. This set features some amazing accessories with the ability to produce jampacked action you want so much.

Product Features:

  • The set Includes 3 LEGO  DC Super Heroes Minifigures Batman (with armor decoration) and 2 Talon Assassins, plus Ace the Bat-Hound figures.
  • Batman’s Bike features an open Minifigure cockpit, space for Ace the Bat-Hound to stand, dual stud shooter, 3 big wheels, and 2 rear mufflers for fast-paced action.
  • 11 Bat weapons and elements to customize your builds and Minifigures to your likeness.
  • Weapons include the Talon Assassins' 2 ninja swords and 2 claws.
  • Accessory elements include Batman's cape, the Talon Assassin’s sword holster backpack, and Ace of the Bat-Hound’s cape.
  • Batman’s Batcycle measures over 2-inches high, 5-inches long and 5-inches wide.

Recreate the crazy action with this Batman attack of the Talon set.

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