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Batman Ninja War Version 1:6 Scale Action Figure by Star Ace

From the Japanese limited DC Comics series, Batman Ninja (Later adapted to a full animation series) comes this 11.8 inches tall Batman Ninja figure by Star Ace based on character designs of Takashi Okazaki. 

When the Dark Knight of the Gotham city is reimagined in the setting of Land of the rising sun where he battles new challenges like feudalism we get something aesthetically so unique like this action figure. This figure tells the story of Batman who without his high-tech gadgets and weaponry, must embrace the way of the Ninja and rely on his intellect and allies to defeat the new feudal lords and restore order to the land.

This Deluxe 1/6th scale action figure has been flawlessly created with love for the Dark Knight. Batman in his Ninja War Version armour, features a specially hand-painted head sculpt with detailed skin texture and a movie-accurate facial expression and Japanese folk style on the Batsuit. This incredible action figure has a massive over 30 points of articulation for action-packed posing and comes complete with interchangeable hands and a variety of weapons including the famous Japanese Katanas and accessories to recreate your favourite scenes. This Deluxe version also features an additional fierce portrait, additional weapons, and Batman's War armour so he's ready for battle! 

Bring Vigilante Justice with Batman Ninja and say Sayonara! to bad guys.

Release Date: February 2020

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