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    Batman Dark Nights: Death Metal (Comics) Statue by Prime 1 Studio

    Release Date: January 2024


    The head-banging, hard-rocking, lead-guitar soloist of doom as he goes head-to-head against the evil forces of the Darkest Knight, himself, he is the DEATH METAL BATMAN from DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL.

    Batman at his most dangerous has been created by Prime 1 Studio! At 41 inches tall, he has shed all pretences of subtlety! Batman has donned a grungy, bat-like leather trench coat with oversized shoulder spikes, solid metal bracers with razor-sharp fins, and an industrial-strength utility belt chained to the toughest-looking, butt-kicking boots! In the comics, Batman's trench coat gives him the ability to cloak himself from detection. The Dark Knight has transformed himself into a post-apocalyptic Grim Reaper, complete with a massive scythe as his signature weapon! Most importantly, he has acquired a powerful Black Lantern ring, allowing him to command an endless supply of reanimated corpses: his Undead Army!

    One of The Batman Who Laughs' Robin Minions is fighting Batman, clearly upset about being captured and chained up like a rabid dog. They're surrounded by a swarm of desiccated zombies and eldritch tentacles! All set against a backdrop of gothic ironwork, high-octane exhausts, realistic bat-themed masonry, and even a severed head on a pike! This heavy metal, hard-rock love letter to crazy statue bases features the skull of Barbatos, the Bat God!

    According to the skilled artisans at Prime 1 Studio, in the fight against the ultimate, universe-ending, and reality-ending evil...this Batman statue SHREDS HARDCORE!

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