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  • Batman™ Construction Figure by LEGO

    Introducing the LEGO® DC Batman™ Construction Figure (76259) — a thrilling addition to your young crime-fighter's collection. This fully jointed and authentically detailed Batman toy stands over 26 cm (10.5 inches) tall, empowering kids aged 8 and above to discover their inner superhero.

    Here are the features that make the LEGO DC Batman Construction Figure an exciting choice for young crime-fighters:

    Features Description
    Recommended Age 8 years and up
    Model Number 76259
    Batman Construction Figure This 275 Piece set features Batman, the iconic superhero of Gotham City, in a fully jointed and authentically detailed LEGO construction figure, inspired by the 1989 Batman film
    Fully Jointed The figure's movable shoulder, arm, hip, and leg joints allow for imaginative action and adventure, enabling kids to pose and position Batman as they recreate their favorite film scenes or unleash their creativity with unique storytelling
    Realistic Recreation This figure captures the style and strength of Batman as depicted in the 1989 film. With its authentic details and full-length textile cape, the figure provides a realistic recreation that will delight fans of the Dark Knight
    Gift for Kids This hands-on play figure makes an excellent birthday, Christmas, or just-because gift for young superheroes aged 8 and above
    Portable Play Standing over 26 cm (10.5 inches) tall, this versatile figure allows kids to take their Batman adventures wherever they go, ensuring that thrilling superhero play is always within reach
    Intuitive Building Instructions The LEGO Builder app offers an immersive building experience, providing digital tools for zooming in, rotating models in 3D, saving sets, and tracking progress
    High Quality LEGO components meet stringent industry quality standards, ensuring consistent quality, compatibility, and ease of building
    Safety Tested LEGO bricks and pieces undergo comprehensive testing, including drop, heat, crush, twist, and analysis, to meet rigorous global safety standards

    The LEGO DC Batman Construction Figure brings the iconic superhero, Batman, to life in the hands of young crime-fighters. With its fully jointed design, the figure allows for dynamic posing and positioning, enabling kids to recreate their favorite scenes from the 1989 Batman film or craft their own thrilling adventures.

    This figure's authentic details, including Batman's distinctive textile cape, provide a realistic and immersive experience for young fans. Its portable nature allows for on-the-go play, ensuring that the excitement of being a superhero can accompany kids wherever they venture.

    To enhance the building experience, kids can download the LEGO Builder app, which provides intuitive instructions and digital tools for an interactive and engaging building process.

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    1360 Pieces



    MADE IN Czech Republic