Batman (Comics) The Joker Batsuit (Concept Design by Jorge Jimenez) Bonus Version by Prime 1 Studio

Release Date: August 2024

Introducing the 1:3 Scale THE JOKER BATSUIT CONCEPT DESIGN by JORGE JIMENEZ BONUS VERSION from DC COMICS! This iconic statue brings to life The Joker's twisted take on Batman's Future Batsuit from The Joker War arc.

Standing at an impressive 31 inches tall, this comic-accurate masterpiece showcases The Joker's vibrant colors, with bright blues, a captivating purple cape, and his signature HA-HA-HA's. The Batsuit is defiled with a red smile over the Bat symbol, representing The Joker's malicious touch.

This statue features swappable heads, allowing you to choose between a fully cowled or a half-destroyed cowl, revealing more of The Joker's evil intent. As a bonus, when you pre-order from our official online store or authorized distributors, you'll receive an unmasked swappable head, showcasing The Joker's malevolence without any barriers.

The Joker is depicted holding corrupted Batarangs, showcasing his twisted sense of humor. He stands on a demolished Batmobile-themed environmental base, representing Batman's worst nightmares.

Demolished Batmobile-themed Environmental Base
Three (3) Swappable Heads [Fully Cowled, Half Cowled, Unmasked (BONUS PART)]


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