Batman Animated Series Joker ArtFx+ Statue by Kotobukiya

Inspired by the character design from Batman the Animated Series, Superhero Toy Store presents Batman's infamous nemesis Joker ArtFx+ Statue. Standing confidently at 7-inches tall, and wearing that sweet, sadistic expression that shows his true evilness, this version of the Joker is sure to stun and delight DC Comics fans! With fashion sense that is second to none, this Crown Prince of Crime is rendered wearing his signature purple suit with orange shirt, flower and hat while resting his hand on his hip and grasping his Tommy gun… talk about sexy!

Made from PVC and with high quality details sculpted by M.I.C. and Yoshiki Fujimoto, this Statue is sure to indulge you in your dastardly schemes to thwart the ol’ Batman.

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