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    Batman Animated Series Joker 1/10th Scale Statue by Iron Studios

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    Release Date: Dec 2023

    This classic version of the Joker, played by legendary actor Mark Hamill, has now been honoured with a statue by Iron Studios, alongside his companion and girlfriend Harley Quinn, launching a new collection and commemorating three decades of the animated series, which is widely regarded as the best Dark Knight adaptation to other media. Batman: The Animated Series was created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini and produced by Warner Bros. Animation between 1992 and 1995. It was widely praised for its noir aesthetics and thematic complexity, and its acclaim helped it win four Emmy awards, including Outstanding Animated Program.

    Holding one of the razor-sharp playing cards between the fingers of his right hand, The Clown Prince of Crime comes with his wide smile and dark eyes with the yellow sclera as Iron Studios presents their handpainted and handcrafted 8.2-inch statue "Joker - Batman The Animated Series - Art Scale 1/10" featuring the Joker in his iconic classic purple tailcoat with an orange shirt and green bowtie, as well as his inseparable Acid Flower stick on his lapel. He stands on a technological pedestal leaning on his left leg on a mysterious “Jack-in-the-box”, an old toy in the shape of a box with a crank, that when turned plays a melody and reveals a surprise figure in the end.

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