Batman 1989 Action Figure by Beast Kingdom

Release Date: March 2023

From the Beast Kingdom! We are proud to introduce the new line of never before seen DC Comics Figures.

A cult classic, 1989 saw the unleashing of Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ to moviegoers who were until then only used to the camp 1960’s television show. A new dark and otherworldly take on the character introduced fans to a new and broodier superhero. Played by the enigmatic Micheal Keaton, 1989’s Batman brought to screen a troubled yet determined character that was ready to sacrifice it all to save Gotham city!

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ proudly enters the world of Tim Burton’s Batman with the release of a highly articulated  Batman 1989 Action Figure. This 8 Inches tall action figure is filled with ultimate posing possibilities with its 20 points of articulation.

This Batman Action figure brings fans the iconic suit using PVC to recreate the rubberized look that Michael Keaton's take on the character had. Coupled with the usage of real fabric and wiring for the cape, collectors can enjoy a highly detailed take on the classic design. Over 30 years ago, the classic bat logo was plastered across billboards all over the world and then proudly displayed on Batman’s armoured chest, it is also recreated here in all its glory. In addition to a highly detailed suit, the set comes with a host of weapons and replaceable mouth sculpts to truly give fans their perfect posing scenario. Grappling guns, batarangs, and more are all on full display. 

Product Features: 

  • Three (3) replaceable mouth sculpts (Regular, angry, smiling) 
  • Five (5) pairs of replacement hands (Fist, open, relaxed, gripping, dart gripping)
  • The suit made of PVC, with the real fabric used for the cape 
  • Three (3) small batarangs, one large batarang
  • Weapon accessories: Grappling gun (dismantlable), bomb detonator, 3 smoke bombs, large rope grappling hook, Batmobile pager

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