Barbie You Can Be Anything - Doctor Doll by Mattel

Enter the world of caretaking and nurturing with the Barbie® baby doctor playset! With this playset, you can step into the role of a baby doctor and imagine all the amazing things you can become. The set includes everything you need for a complete play experience.

The centerpiece of the playset is the Barbie® baby doctor doll, measuring 12 inches (30.40 cm) tall. She is dressed in a sweet dress with a butterfly pattern and wears a white doctor's coat, making her look professional and stylish. The baby doctor doll is ready to take care of her adorable infant patient, who is dressed in a cute diaper.

To assist in her medical duties, the playset comes with six accessories. These include a stethoscope, thermometer, oscilloscope, chart, pink baby blanket, and a baby bottle. Barbie® baby doctor doll can hold some of these accessories to enhance the role-playing experience and make her interactions with the baby patient more realistic.

With this playset, you can create imaginative scenarios where you play the role of a caring and skilled baby doctor. Whether it's giving check-ups, monitoring vital signs, or providing comfort to the baby, there are endless possibilities for nurturing and fun.

Let your imagination soar as you care for and nurture your baby patient with the Barbie® baby doctor playset. It's a perfect gift for kids who love taking care of babies and want to explore the world of healthcare in a playful way.

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