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    Barbie You Can Be Anything - Dentist Doll by Mattel

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    Welcome to the world of dental care with Barbie Dentist doll! With this playset, you can embark on exciting role-play adventures and bring smiles to everyone's faces.

    The playset includes two dolls: Barbie Dentist doll and an adorable toddler patient. Barbie Dentist is dressed in her white coat, ready to provide expert dental care. The toddler patient is ready for a check-up and some toothy fun.

    The set features a dental station complete with a patient chair and shelves to store the smaller accessories. You'll find dental tools, a toothbrush, and toothpaste that fit perfectly in Barbie's hands, allowing for realistic role-play.

    With this playset, kids can take on the roles of both the dentist and the patient, encouraging imaginative storytelling and fostering empathy. They can act out different dental procedures, check-ups, and even create their own dental office scenarios.

    This Barbie Dentist playset not only provides entertainment but also introduces children to the importance of oral hygiene and dental care. It's a great way to spark their interest in healthcare professions and teach them about taking care of their teeth.

    So, get ready for some dental fun with Barbie Dentist! Whether you're the dentist or the patient, you'll have a blast creating your own dental stories and learning about oral health.

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        For Ages 3+

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