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Iron Man: Tony Stark's Arc Reactor Real Life Replica by Hot Toys

This one is Special for all the Iron Man fans around the world!

Tony Stark has left an everlasting impact on Marvel fans across the world as the first superhero in the mega-franchise known today as Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ever since Tony Stark built this Arc Reactor in the caves in Afghanistan for his life support his life completely changed as it led to him becoming our most loved Marvel Superhero, Iron Man played by incredible Robert Downey Jr.

Superhero Toy Store and Hot Toys are proud to present this Tony Stark's Arc Reactor Real Life replica collectable of the desk piece given to Tony given by Pepper Potts in the first Iron Man movie and seen flown away in the lake during the heartbreaking funeral of Tony in Avengers Endgame.

This real-life replica (6 Inches) of the Arc Reactor is created using references from the movie thus designers can achieve stunning true to life details. The Arc Reactor is made using die-cast metal and copper wiring along with multi-layer metal painting which gives it an authentic and shiny look. The arc reactor also features multiple LED light-up function (General Light and Breathing Light) powered by both USB and battery charge. The Arc Reactor is also engraved with the title " Proof that Tony Stark has a Heart" and is encased in a fibreglass box for display.

This is a collectable for a lifetime so grab yours today and show that you love Tony Stark 3000!

Estimated Release Date: April 2020

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