Avengers Endgame - Infinity Saga - Captain America 1/4th Scale Figure by Iron Studios

Release Date: December 2022

" Avengers Assemble"

The theatres around the world echoed with excitement in 2019 when the loyal Marvel fans were treated with those two magic words, that the fans waited to hear for almost a decade.

We are excited to bring you a chance to be the Infinity Saga Captain America fan with this 1/4th Scale Statue by Iron Studios. This 22-inch tall statue captures Steve Rogers in the final fight to reverse the decimation of half of life in the universe caused by the fearsome Thanos, the cap wields Thor's mystic hammer Mjölnir, showing himself as worthy, along with his inseparable, yet damaged (an undamaged shield is also included), shield. From his origins fighting in World War II, until his rebirth, when he was rescued by S.H.I.E.L.D. after being frozen for decades, and his union and leadership as head of the Avengers, to his rebellion against a system corrupted by the evil Hydra organization, his entire trajectory led him to this moment.

Meticulously faithful to the smallest details, from his costume to the features of actor Chris Evans, who has done an amazing job playing the hero since 2011.

Iron Studios' long partnership with Marvel Entertainment continues as they celebrate its historic and adored cinematographic universe with the Infinity Saga line, reproducing new statues that are derived from the most memorable and eternalized scenes from Marvel movies, for collectors.

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    Product Features:

    • Made in Polystone
    • Hand Painted
    • 22 inches Tall.

    Limited Edition

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    Cash on Delivery Available

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    Made in China