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    Avengers Battle Of NY - Infinity Saga Hulk Statue by Iron Studios

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    Dubbed as “The Incident” by the citizens, the Battle of New York is considered a monumental event in the history of humanity, that publicly confirmed the existence of extraterrestrial species for the people of Earth and it's where, for the first time, the Avengers stood together, ready to defend the planet. Capturing that epic moment is Iron Studios' new Infinity Saga Battle of New York Series of statues, showcasing earth's mightiest heroes namely Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye assemble for the very first time!

    In this highly detailed hand-painted and handcrafted 10.6-inch polystone statue, Dr Bruce Banner played by Mark Ruffalo joins the Avengers after arriving in an old motorcycle at the start of the Battle of New York. When Captain America receives word from Iron Man that he is getting closer and attracting the enemy's attention, he tells Banner that now is a good time to get angry, and the good doctor responds calmly that the secret to causing a controlled transformation is to be angry all the time, instantly transforming into the Incredible Hulk and stopping a Leviathan with a punch. When Captain America orders him to simply "smash," Iron Studios creates the statue "Hulk Battle of NY - BDS Art Scale," which depicts the Green Goliath on a pedestal of battle debris, joining the Earth's mightiest heroes.

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