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    Avatar:The Way of Water Neytiri Bonus Version Statue by Prime 1 Studio

    Release Date: January 2025

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    Get ready for the ultimate addition to our Ultimate Diorama Masterline Series:  Neytiri BONUS VERSION from Avatar 2: The Way of the Water!

    Prime 1 Studio is bursting with excitement to bring you this extraordinary centerpiece for our 10th anniversary. Our talented production artists have outdone themselves once again, capturing the mesmerizing world of Pandora's ocean environment in intricate detail. Join Jake and Neytiri as they face their biggest challenge yet—protecting their family and navigating the breathtaking landscapes and magical creatures of Pandora.

    Watch Neytiri soar through the sky on her majestic Banshee, creating waves and ripples in the crystal-clear waters. With rocky mountains as her backdrop, she fearlessly fights to keep her loved ones safe. Meanwhile, their children swim happily below, surrounded by vibrant corals and luminescent rays. Our attention to detail is unparalleled, right down to the LED technology that replicates the stunning light refractions through the water, immersing you in the beauty of this statue.

    When you choose the bonus version, Neytiri holds a traditional and iconic Na'vi bow in her left hand, embodying her role as a fierce warrior.

    This diorama represents a decade of expertise and imagination, bringing life and movement to a still statue—a true masterpiece. Our breakthroughs in production have allowed us to maintain the visual fidelity of James Cameron's vision, from the texture of the corals to the color patterns on the creature's wings. It's a showstopper for any fan of Pandora's majestic world. 

    Specification Description
    Statue Neytiri flying on Banshee
    Base Coral reef Ocean themed-base
    Illumination LED-Illuminated Base
    Bonus Part Swappable hand holding bow

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