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Animated Series Superman (Regular Version) 1/5th Scale Statue by Sideshow Collectibles

The Man of Steel is taking flight from the rooftop of the Daily Planet building, with three newspapers caught in the gust of the wind, as he valiantly flies in to protect the citizens of Metropolis.

Based on the Animated Series this dynamic statue inspired by Superman’s various animated appearances. Your favorite last son of Krypton stands approximately 20-inches tall on a Daily Planet rooftop base, with three unique newspapers all with their own headlines that reference other moments from the DC animated universe.

The resin statue has been painted with bright, bold colors to capture the animated style, and depicts the unmistakable silhouette of the iconic hero in his blue and red bodysuit and the symbol of the House of El on his chest. With his famous kiss curl and strong jawline, Superman brings Truth and justice the American way.

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Expected Launch Date: October 2019 

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