American Pickup Trucks collection 10-Pack Die-Cast Cars by Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels

When Henry Ford's genius mind thought of converting the military trucks to something useful for normal civilians it started a new revolution in the automobile industry as Pick up Trucks are part of economy and culture of rural parts of any country.

Superhero Toy Store brings you 10 Such remarkable Trucks in a 1:64 Die-Cast models of some of the most celebrated vehicles ranging from the 1940s to 2000s. All these pickups are highly detailed and feature paintwork and Decor which are a treat to the eyes.

This Set Includes:

  • 1940 Ford Pickup
  • 1949 Ford F1
  • 1963 Studebaker Champ
  • 1970 Dodge Power Wagon
  • 1983 Chevy Silverado
  • 2015 Ford F-150
  • Custom 1962 Chevy Pickup
  • Custom 1969 Chevy Pickup
  • Dodge Power Wagon
  • Path Beater

Ages 3 & Up

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