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    Alien vs.Predator Scar Predator Figure by Prime1 Studios

    Release Date: September 2025

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    Introducing the majestic 1/3 Scale MMPR-04 Scar Predator statue from Prime 1 Studio! Relive the legendary clash between Aliens and Predators, immortalized in the iconic 2004 film Alien vs. Predator, with this exquisite collector's masterpiece.

    Standing an impressive 36 inches tall, Scar Predator emerges as the youngest among his elite brethren, meticulously crafted with unparalleled precision by our skilled artisans. Every detail, from the intricate dreadlocks to the menacing Xenomorph skulls adorning his armor, reflects our unwavering commitment to perfection.

    Scar's formidable presence is accentuated by his fully armored physique, adorned with advanced weaponry that epitomizes the ruthless prowess of the Yautja race. His Bio-Mask, featuring the distinctive "Scar" mark on the forehead, conceals a visage of unparalleled ferocity. The LED-illuminated Plasmacaster and targeting lasers evoke a chilling sense of imminent danger, poised to unleash devastating energy upon his prey. Equipped with the lethal Combistick and Wristblade for close-quarter combat, along with the deadly Shuriken, Scar Predator stands ready to dominate any collection.

    Immerse yourself in the ancient Yautja-constructed pyramid-themed base, complete with intricate ruins and the freshly slain remains of a Facehugger. The inclusion of a second interchangeable head, unmasked to reveal Scar's true countenance, offers a deeper connection to this fearsome hunter. Accompanied by a head base and a striking "AVP" logo plate, this statue embodies the essence of the iconic crossover.

    Secure your pre-order of this awe-inspiring Scar Predator statue now to elevate your collection to new heights. Limited quantities available! Whether displayed in your dedicated collectibles room or within professional office spaces, this masterpiece embodies the epitome of artistry and craftsmanship.


    • Statue Size: Approximately 36 inches tall [H:93cm W:85cm D:91cm]
    • Yautja-Constructed Pyramid Themed-Base
    • Two (2) Swappable Head Parts
    • One (1) Movable Headstand
    • One (1) Title Plaque
    • LED Illumination: Helmet-Mounted Targeting Laser, Wrist Control Panel & Shoulder-Mounted Plasmacaster

    Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history. Order now and anticipate the imminent release of Scar's brothers, Celtic and Chopper, joining your collection soon!

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    FOR AGES 14+