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    Alien Big Chap Deluxe Limited Version Statue by Prime 1 Studio

    Release Date: January 2024

    "Kane's Son"... "Little Rascal"... "Alien Dessert" "Giger's Alien" has many names, but the first appearance of the Xenomorph race is most commonly known as Big Chap!

    In its first outing, this 31-inch nightmare fuel was so terrifying that one reviewer said it "made the shark from JAWS look like a goldfish"! Because you fans demanded it, Prime 1 Studio has heard the call and is producing more of this fantastic terror!

    The backdrop wall has been removed, and instead, we have distilled the essence of this statue into its most compelling form. Big Chap was meticulously crafted by Prime1 artisans to show off every inch of its carapace. The semi-translucent skull, ridges and ribs, and gleaming body of this perfect killing machine.

    Big Chap is situated in a stalking pose on a simplified Nostromo-themed base so that nothing distracts from his hunt. The Deluxe Limited Version includes an additional Portrait and a display Headstand so you could display both portraits at the same time!

        For Ages 18+

        Limited Edition: 500

        Free Shipping

        EMI Facility Available

        Made in China