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    Alien vs.Predator Scar Predator Deluxe Version by Prime1 Studios

    Release Date: September 2025

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    Introducing the epitome of intergalactic conflict and mastery in the collectable form! Prime 1 Studio proudly unveils the 1/3 Scale MMPR-04DXS Scar Predator Deluxe Bonus Version, an awe-inspiring homage to the legendary clash in Alien vs. Predator.

    This masterpiece delves deep into the heart of the 2004 film, encapsulating Scar, the youngest among the revered Predator trio. Towering at a staggering 36 inches, this statue epitomizes the dedication and artistry of Prime 1 Studio's artisans.

    Drenched in advanced technology, Scar stands armed to the hilt with an array of lethal weaponry. The iconic Bio-Mask, marked with his distinctive "Scar," conceals the intensity of his gaze, while the LED-illuminated Plasmacaster and wrist-mounted arsenal stand ready to unleash devastating energy and deadly precision.

    But the brilliance of this Deluxe Bonus Version lies in its customization potential. Embrace versatility with a plethora of swappable parts, allowing you to curate Scar's stance and weaponry. Choose from an assortment of heads, hands, and blades to craft your perfect display, capturing Scar in moments of raw power or poised intensity.

    Moreover, the Deluxe Bonus Version extends storytelling possibilities with additional parts, showcasing Scar's prowess with a ripped Xenomorph inner mouth and an ornate dagger, enriching your collectable narrative.

    From the sanctum of your collector's haven to the commanding presence in office spaces, this statue transcends spaces, elevating any environment with its imposing stature and meticulous craftsmanship. Don't miss the opportunity to own this pinnacle of Predator lore and add an unparalleled centrepiece to your collection.

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    FOR AGES 14+