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    2022 Red Bull racing RB18 #11 Sergio Perez 1:43 Die-Cast Model by Bburago

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    Introducing the epitome of precision engineering and racing excellence - the 2022 Red Bull Racing RB18 #11 Sergio Perez 1:43 Die-Cast Model by Bburago.

    Prepare to be enthralled by the sheer authenticity of this collectable model. Impeccably designed at a 1:43 scale, every curve and contour of the RB18 is faithfully replicated, showcasing the dynamic prowess of RedBull Racing.

    Get ready to roll with the essence of speed embodied in this model. Featuring free-rolling wheels, this miniature powerhouse mirrors the agility and mobility of its full-sized counterpart, allowing you to recreate thrilling racing moments at your fingertips.

    Crafted from a blend of premium materials this model exudes durability and realism. Each component is intricately assembled to mirror the intricate details of the original, ensuring a lifelike representation that's bound to captivate any racing enthusiast.

    Embrace authenticity with confidence as this model proudly bears the mark of an officially licensed product. RedBull Racing's emblem is stamped on this model, a testament to its credibility and adherence to the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

    Compact yet commanding, this die-cast model measures approximately 11cm x 04cm x 04cm, making it an ideal addition to any collector's display or racing enthusiast's showcase. Its compact size ensures it's a standout piece without overwhelming your space, perfect for showcasing your passion for Formula 1 racing.

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