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    The Four Horsemen - War Statue by XM Studios

    Release Date: March 2024


      War, XM's first 1/4 scale statue from The 4 Horsemen line, is a one-of-a-kind collaboration with renowned 3D design and character modelling firm, Keos Masons. Each statue is presented in a bold, dynamic, and story-laden style inspired by the Neo-Apocalypse world.

      The 4 Horsemen are effigies of destruction and vengeance, symbols of an ongoing uprising that scourges the earth. In this 31 inch statue, War is riding a fearsome beast, his red cape billowing in the wind, wielding the aptly named "Ragnarok" claymore. He is seen encased in a set of heavy armour while standing amidst piles of concrete and steel, a visible and nostalgic remnant of human civilisation, battle-thirsty and aggressively marching forward against his sworn enemies, the humans.

      Collectors can choose between 2 head switch-outs. The first one features War with a wide-open jaw, exuding a strong rage as he stares forward into the battlefield. With this switch-out, you can almost hear his grating battle-thirsty roar as he charges forward, ready to pounce on the humans. The second one features War with an angry and vicious gaze, along with clenched teeth, lending him the air of a seasoned general leading his troops to battle.

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      For Ages 18+

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      Made in China