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    Spider-Man (Absolute Carnage) 1/4 Scale by XM Studios

    Release Date: January 2025

    The "Spider-Man (Absolute Carnage)" Premium Collectibles series statue by XM Studios is an exciting addition to their 1/4 scale MARVEL statue lineup. This dynamic piece captures a thrilling moment in the battle between Spider-Man and the relentless threat of Carnage.

    Key Features:

    1. Dynamic Pose: Spider-Man is depicted in a dynamic pose that showcases his agility as he leaps through a door, attempting to escape from Carnage's clutches. The pose conveys a sense of urgency and action.

    2. Spider-Sense Effect: The statue includes a switchout Spider-Sense effect that allows you to display Spider-Man with or without his Spider-Sense tingling. This adds versatility to the statue's display options.

    3. Symbiote Tendrils: Carnage's symbiote tendrils are a central element of the statue's design. They morph into deadly claws and menacing blades, extending with malevolent intent as they seek to ensnare Spider-Man.

    4. Highly Detailed Sculpt: The 24 inch sculpt of Spider-Man is highly detailed, capturing the character's iconic costume and physique with precision.

    5. Polystone Construction: The statue is crafted in polystone, a material known for its durability and ability to capture intricate details.

    6. Hand-Painted: Each statue is painstakingly hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish, ensuring that every piece is a work of art.


    The statue was created through a collaborative effort of talented artists, including InHyuk Lee (2D), Paul Tan (3D), and the XM Studios Design and Development Team.

    This statue offers fans and collectors an opportunity to own a premium collectible that brings to life the intense and action-packed world of Spider-Man's battles against formidable foes like Carnage. With its attention to detail and dynamic design, it's sure to be a standout piece in any MARVEL statue collection.

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          FOR AGES 15+




          MADE IN CHINA