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    Nightcrawler Classic Marvel 1/4 Scale Statue by XM Studios

    Release Date: December 2023

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    Nightcrawler's agility and acrobatic reflexes are on full display here as he teleports away from Sentinel's tentacles, leaving a trail of BAMF! cloud in his wake as he prepares to launch a downward attack. This XM Statue is a fast-paced piece full of movement and action, which is emphasised by the Sentinel's tentacles twining around and following the mutant hero as Sentinel attempts an attack.

    This 32.6-inch 1/4 Scale Marvel Nightcrawler is dressed in a red and black ensemble that has been modernised with textures and panels. As he leaps into action, his blue prehensile tail curls behind him.

    Collectors can choose to display X-Men's Kurt Wagner in two dynamic poses, you can choose between a swashbuckling, trio-swords wielding Nightcrawler with various head, arms, and tail swaps, or a more iconic portrait with shorter hair and only one sword.

    This Nightcrawler is the most compelling XM Studios' 1/4 scale MARVEL Premium Collectibles series statue to date, This painstakingly handcrafted statue comes in a bold, dynamic, and story-laden style, and is individually hand-painted with XM's famous quality finish.

    Proudly brought to you by XM Studios and Superhero Toystore, India's largest and most comprehensive online store for official Marvel Comics Action Figures, Statues, and other Pop-culture merch!


    • Two (2) head sculpts: 1 with snarling portrait, 1 with baring teeth portrait
    • Two (2) left arm switch outs: 1 without a weapon, 1 wielding a sword resembling a cutlass
    • Two (2) right arm switch-outs: 1 wielding a sword resembling a cutlass, 1 wielding a rapier with ornate decorations
    • Two (2) tail switch-outs: 1 without a weapon, 1 wielding a rapier with ornate decorations
    • Highly detailed sculpt featuring Nightcrawler (Classic) teleporting away from Sentinel
    • Crafted in Polystone
    • Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish
    • Limited Edition: 299


    • Jorge Molina (2D)
    • Juan Nahuel Novelletto (3D)
    • XM Studios Design and Development Team

          FOR AGES 15+




          MADE IN CHINA