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    Iron Man - Prestige Series - Regular Edition 1/3 Scale by XM Studios

    Release Date: December 2024

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    Introducing the Armored Avenger, IRON MAN, brought to you by Legendary Beast Studios in collaboration with XM Studios. This remarkable statue joins the prestigious lineup of 1/3 scale polystone collectibles, setting new standards in the world of superhero collectibles.

    Step into the world of Tony Stark, hailed as "the Da Vinci of Our Time." Witness the incredible journey of a genius who built his first Iron Man suit from spare parts to save himself from a severe chest injury and escape his captors. With unwavering determination, Tony has continuously improved and upgraded his suits, incorporating advanced functions and technological advancements with each iteration. As a founding member and one of the heads of the Avengers, Iron Man stands as a symbol of genius, wealth, charisma, and philanthropy.

    In the 1/3 scale format, Iron Man completes the trio of the "Big Three" Avengers. Captured in a heroic pose atop his Gantry at Stark Laboratories, he prepares for battle, testing the capabilities of his armor and gearing up for his next mission.


    Regular Edition Features

    Pentagon Shape Base with Evolution of Iron Man Armor Suit around every side
    1x Classic Torso
    1x Classic Helmet looking up (lighted)
    1x Classic Helmet looking forward with eyes visible
    1x Open Face Plate Classic Helmet
    1x Right Arm on the body side
    1x Right Arm blasting forward

    Jay Sia (Concept Design)
    Alex Malveda (Sketch Design)
    Ryan Serrano (Sculpt)
    Allan Macedo (Sculpt)

    These extraordinary artists have poured their passion and skill into every detail, ensuring that this statue embodies the essence of Iron Man's legacy.

    Prepare to be enchanted by the brilliance of the Armored Avenger, IRON MAN, as he takes his rightful place in your collection. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of Marvel history. Click now and let the magic unfold!