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    The Riddler (Samurai Series) 1/4 Scale Statue by XM Studios

    Release Date: May 2024


    As a collector, it is always exciting to come across a new and unique piece to add to the collection. XM Studios presents the latest addition to the Batman Samurai Line, the Riddler statue. This handcrafted piece was created through a collaboration between Warner Bros. Discovery Consumer Products and XM Studios, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

    The 18" Riddler sits atop a tree on a dusty road, dressed in green Sengoku period clothing and beckoning travelers to challenge him in a game of wits. Despite appearing as a harmless peddler with his Gyosho Bako full of wares, the wooden box actually contains various assassination tools. Accompanied by a small red fox hiding under a tree branch, The Riddler is part of a criminal syndicate associated with the Penguin Daimyo and The Joker Orochi. He lures people in with the promise of rewards if they can beat him in a game of Go, played on a Goban built into the top of the Gyosho Bako.

    The Riddler manipulates people into gambling their lives away, offering them a chance to solve a riddle in order to escape their predicament. If they fail, they are given the choice to either carry out nefarious plans for the syndicate or face death. However, this is just another cruel trick, as only one person has ever been known to solve any of The Riddler's riddles.

    This statue comes with three head switch-outs, including one with The Riddler wearing a bowler hat, one with him wearing a traditional Japanese Jingasa, and one with a full-face mask. He also has two left-arm switch-outs, one holding a scroll with the words "Riddler's mystery" and one holding a traditional fan. In addition, he has two right-arm switch-outs, one holding a Shakujo staff and one holding a GO tile. The Riddler is a mysterious and cunning figure, always ready to challenge and deceive those who cross his path.

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